Prof. Scott Sanner, PhD.
Associate Professor in Industrial Engineering
Cross-appointed in Computer Science
Phone: 416-978-4871
Office location: BA8104

D3M Group Members (December 2019)

D3M Research Group

Post-doctoral Fellows

Arpit Rana
(Dialog-based Conversational Recommender Systems)

Nicolas Carrara
(Deep Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Signal Control)

PhD Students

Brent Huchuk
(Machine Learning for Residential HVAC)

Michael Gimelfarb
(Sequential Decision Optimization)

Jihwan Jeong
(Risk-averse and Robust Model-based Decision-making)

Xiaoyu Wang
(Deep Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Signal Control)

Xiaocan Li
(Graph Neural Networks for Traffic Prediction)

Masters Students

Yi (Amy) Sui
(Bayesian Data Integration for Temporal Data)

Alex Kwan
(Bayesian Data Integration for Spatial Data)

Parth Jaggi
(Model-based Methods for Deep Reinforcement Learning)

Ta Jiun Ting
(Deep Learning for Predictive Traffic Modeling)

Hojin Yang
(Preference Elicitation for Conversational Recommendation)

Tianshu (Tina) Shen
(Modeling Uncertainty in Conversational Recommender Systems)

Mathieu Tuli
(Decoders for Conversational Interaction)

Ruiwen Li
(Explaining Image-based Deep Learning)

Zhibo Zhang
(Explaining Time Series-based Deep Learning)

Riley Moher
(Automatic Type Semantics for Data Science)

Aravinth Kuppuswamy Chembu
(Predictive Clustering Models for Data Science)

MEng Students

Meghana Padmanabhan (2021)
(System Suggested Critiquing for Conversational Recommender Systems)

Yifei Ai (2021)
(Deep Reinforcement Learning for Freeway Management)

Zhicheng Yan (2021)
(Deep Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Signal Control)

Natalie Mustard (2020)
(Traffic Congestion Pattern Mining and Prediction)

Shengnan (Zoey) Lyu (2020)
(Conversational Recommender Systems)

Dongsub Shim (2020)
(Continual Learning for Computer Vision)

Tuocheng Liu (2018)
(Object Detection and Tracking for Traffic and Maintenance Monitoring)

Richard Stanton (2017)
(Machine Learning for Hospital Readmission Prediction)

Honours Thesis Students

Saad Jameel (2020-2021)
(Conversational Recommender Systems)

Litos (Hanze) Li (2019-2020)
(Conversational Recommender Systems)

Shen (Alex) Lin (2019-2020)
(Deep Learning for Financial Market Prediction)

Zhouran (Rena) Lu (2019-2020)
(Interpretable Social Media Embeddings of Neighborhoods)

Kexin (Isabelle) Zhang (2018-2019)
(An Exploration of Clusterwise Linear Regression Model on Urban Census Data)

Ronen Yakubov (2018-2019)
(A Bayesian Approach to Clustering Census Tracts into Neighborhoods)

Yu Qing (Ivan) Zhou (2017-2018)
(An Exploration of Machine Learning Algorithms for Photo Recommendation)

Zhi Jiang (Tony) Ye (2017-2018)
(Piecewise Constrained Optimization with Decision Diagrams)

Kevin Zhu (2016-2017)
(Geospatial Prediction for Goods Solicitation with Bayesian Data Fusion)

Qi Pan (2016-2017)
(Predicting Future Student Performance on Intelligent Tutoring Systems)

Visiting Students

Thiago Bueno (2018-2019),
PhD Student, University of Sao Paulo
(Planning with Stochastic Computation Graph Models)

Yakun Wang (2017-2018),
PhD Student, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT)
(Temporally Stable Learning for Social Media)

Capstone Groups

Kelly Sun, Helen Wang, Joyce Yan, Gigi Liang (2020-2021)
Pedestrian Navigation Planning during COVID using Transit and Camera-derived Pedestrian Data
Second Place, Capstone Design Award (Video Overview)

Matteo Ciserani, Christopher Palumbo, Marc Atasoy, Bassam Bibi (2020-2021)
Interactive Road Trip Recommendation and Planning (Video Overview)

Tianshu (Tina) Shen, Yang (Viola) Song, Yian (Anne) Zha, Xiaonian (Sean) He (2019-2020)
Conversational Systems for Restaurant Recommendation
Winner of the Capstone Design Award (Video Overview)

Mathieu Tuli, Joseph Sismondo, Quanzhou Li, Zian (Trevor) Zhuang (2019-2020)
Predicting the Impact of Infrastructure on the Urban Heat Island Effect

Rouzbeh Hadjibaba, Jered Petrou, Alfred Kannampuzha, Shaizam Zaheer (2019-2020)
Analytics Tools for Predicting Future Sales

Emily Xu, Carol Yeung, Nicole Wongsoo, Amrit Prasad (2018-2019)
Customer Feedback Dashboard
Winner of the Capstone Design Award

Jade Khiev, Ayan Gedleh, Padmanie Maulkhan, Jessie Diep (2018-2019)
Mining and Browsing Market Moving News

Spencer Canner, Oghosa Igbinakenzua, Aadil Sookia (2017-2018)
Interactive Visual Interfaces for Book Recommendation
Winner of the Capstone Design Award (Newvella Book Recommender Demo)

Anton Blochtchinksi, Jason Rizk, Vibhor Sachdeva (2016-2017)
Social Media Analytics
Winner of the Capstone Design Award (Project Repository)

Undergraduate Summer Interns

2020: Yudong (William) Xu, Chenhao Liu

2019: Kaitlyn Low, Siyuan (Ethan) Wang, Matteo Bruzzese, Nolan Mandel

2018: Bayaan Shalaby, Nojhat Hrishti, Shuyi Ziang, Jin Zhou, Jiachen (Jason) Zhou, Yun Fan (John) Zhou

2017: Chuhan (Sally) Chen, Hanze Li, Weixin (Steven) Liu, Zhuoran (Rena) Lu, Cong Shi, Zhaocong (Justin) Yuan, Yu Qing (Ivan) Zhou


Xiaoliang (Daniel) Shi,
MEng, University of Toronto, now at Bell Canada
(Scalable Social Media Analytics with Apache Spark)

Iain Guilliard
PhD Student, Australian National University
(Mixed Integer Linear Programming Models for Traffic Signal Control)

Former Group Members

Zheda Mai
MASc 2021
(Online Continual Learning in Image Classification)

Alex Olson
MASc 2020
(Latent Modelling of Urban Data: Enriching Computational Analysis in Urban Studies by Applying Novel Methods)

Ga Wu
PhD 2020, now on the research staff at Borealis AI
(One-class Collaborative Filtering with Latent Embeddings: Improvements and Interactive Extensions)

Buser Say
PhD 2020, now a Lecturer at Monash University (Australia)
(Optimal Planning with Learned Neural Network Transition Models)

Chandripal Budnarain
MASc 2020
(Unsupervised Deep Learning for Anomaly Detection and Explanation in Sequential Data)

Kai Luo
MASc 2019, now at a startup
(Latent Critiquing for Conversational Recommender Systems)

Reda Bouadjenek
Former post-doc, now a Lecturer at Deakin University (Australia)
(Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, and Social Media)

Shamin Kinathil
PhD 2019, Australian National University, now at QBE Insurance
(Optimal Solutions to Sequential Market Models)

Yihao Du
MASc 2019, now at CIBC
(Relevance-driven Clustering Methods for Visual Interactive Search)

Shagun Gupta
MASc 2019
(Classification for Healthcare Using Linked and Unlinked Data Sources)

Chee Loong Soon
MASc 2019, now at Amazon
(Deep Graph Embeddings in Recommender Systems)

Kasra Safari
MASc 2019, now at a startup
(Machine Learning for Topic Classification and Prediction on Twitter)

Dusan Sovilj
Former post-doc, now at Rank Software, Inc.
(Machine Learning for Adaptive User Interfaces)

Harold Soh
Former post-doc, now a Professor of Computer Science at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Zahra Iman
MASc 2016, Oregon State University
(Learning Topical Social Media Sensors)

Suvash Sedhain
PhD 2016, Australian National University, now at Twitter
(Linear Recommender Systems)

Ehsan Abbasenejad
PhD 2016, Australian National University, now at Australian Institute for Machine Learning, University of Adelaide
(Models for Bayesian Learning and Decision-making)

Hadi Afshar
PhD 2016, Australian National University
(Symbolic Inference in Probabilistic Programs)

D3M Group Members (December 2017)

Prof. Scott Sanner