Research Areas

  • Machine Learning and Large-scale Data Analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Information Retrieval
  • Social Media
  • Conversational Recommender Systems
  • Sequential Decision Optimization
  • Operations Research
  • Smart Cities Applications

Current and Past Research Projects

  • Machine Learning and Optimization for Intelligent Adaptive User Interfaces (Partner: Uncharted, Inc.)
  • Deep Learning for Anomaly Detection in Computer and Power Networks (Partners: Rank, Inc., Quebec Hydro)
  • Learning and Prediction for Smart Residential HVAC Systems (Partner: Ecobee, Inc.)
  • Machine Learning for Predictive Health Analytics (Partner: Sunnybrook Research Institute)
  • Recommender Systems (Partners: Kobo, Inc., Shopify, Inc.)
  • Dialog-based and Interactive Conversational Recommender Systems (Partners: iNAGO, Inc., see research overview video)
  • Continual Learning for Computer Vision Applications (Partner: LG Sciencepark)
  • Machine Learning for Social Media Analysis (Partner: U. of Toronto School of Cities)
  • Novel Tools for Data Science and Geospatial-temporal Prediction with Unlinked Data
  • Optimization and Inference in Deep-learned Models
  • Traffic Prediction and Traffic Signal Control
  • Extending RDDL for Smart Cities Applications

Please see Scott Sanner’s former web page at the Australian National University for additional information and links regarding some of the above research.